The British Airways Strike

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UPDATE: 18th March. BA has announced that there will be extra flights as more volunteers have come forward than they expected so do check on the link below to see if things have altered since the original flightplan was drawn up.

BA has announced the standby measures it has put in place to get passengers away during the 3 day strike planned from March20th-22nd. You can see the details and how you might be affected at
Only about 850 flights out of the 1,950 scheduled to fly will be cancelled. From Gatwick all long haul and about half of the short haul flights will fly. From Heathrow about 60% of long haul will fly but only about 30% of short haul. All affected passengers will be contacted by BA
Flights to South Africa appear to be badly hit with no flights to Johannesburg and the flights to Capetown have been cut from 2 to 1. No flight cancellations to Sydney or Melbourne are listed but 3 a day to New York’s JFK Airport are. All San Francisco flights are cancelled except BA 287 on Monday 22nd of March. . Orlando flights survive as do those to Boston.BA11 is the only flight to Singapore that is cancelled as is the daily flight to Tokyo, BA5. Bangkok flights still are scheduled.
Where there is a cancellation BA will try and rebook passengers onto the oneWorld codeshare partners like American Airlines and Cathay Pacific.
Domestically, 5 flights a day between Manchester and London are affected and the last flight from Edinburgh to London will be at 14.25 and from Glasgow at 13.55. London City flights will be unaffected.
This strike may still not go ahead as there is increasing political pressure for the two sides to get together. One source suggested that Unite, the union of the cabin crew, were anxious to return to negotiate but BA were being tough believing they had political and public opinion on their side.
Meanwhile the cartoonists are having fun. Yesterday in the Daily Telegraph, Matt had a passenger being served a meal on a BA flight and asking the cabin crew, “Is this lunch or an escalation of your industrial action?” Peter Brookes in The Times today uses no words only pictures showing a cabin crew member demonstrating the safety rules and ending up sticking two fingers in the air at passengers! Dave Brown in The Independent has a plane supposedly in BA livery but looking to me more like a Virgin Atlantic one with a cherubic Gordon Brown holding the BA logo on which is printed “Sod the Unions” and underneath is written “Spirit of Confrontation.” On Saturday in The Guardian, Martin Rowson had a crashed BA plane with Willie Walsh, Chief Executive, and a cabin crew fighting as their parachutes failed to open and they both hit the ground.
We’ll add updates to the strike story as and when we hear news

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