Lost Anything Lately?

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It always surprises other people just what gets lost or left in places. I, myself, once left a bag with a brand new pair of shoes inside on a train luggage rack and only realised what I had done when I got home so I am a great one to talk. Nonetheless, it is still fascinating to see odd (odd in the sense of how would you ever forget anything quite so personal) things that have been left.

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH see www.aph.com) have been looking through their lost property that they have collected and found the usual array of clothing and mobile phones. But amongst these, there was a wheelchair and a pair of false teeth, crutches and prams as well as cameras and MP3 players. Some of this isn’t cheap. Some of it is, well, fairly attached to you so how is it that you leave a pair of crutches round ? Or the false teeth?

I have a theory.

If you don’t carry things regularly it is easy to forget them. So umbrellas, different bags, overcoats or macs can easily be forgotten if they are left in the luggage rack on trains, In the old days when trains had string vest type racks, you could see the items reflected in the compartment mirror facing you. Today there are no compartments, no string vest luggage racks and no mirrors so there are no memory aids. In hotels, there are so many places to lose things, wardrobes (under the spare pillows or behind the ironing board), under the bed (or even in it) and anywhere in the public areas. And on planes. There is under the seat in front of you, the overhead lockers that you can’t see into properly u nless you are 7 feet tall or stand on the seat.

But how do you forget false teeth, crutches and wheelchairs? I don’t think it is case of them forgotten. I think people are using trains, airlines and hotels as dumping grounds for unwanted items. How else do you leave false teeth?


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