Changing Suitcases Saves Money

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Now that no-frills airlines like Ryanair and easyJet charge you for placing luggage in the hold, people are looking for ways to save money on all the extra things that make a cheap fare, expensive. Many experts felt that customers would just put up with it but now comes evidence from a US company that suggests this may not be the case (no pun intended!). is an American retail company which sells any variety of different types of bags and cases. It asked 21,000 people about their luggage purchasing habits and it has thrown up some interesting results.
Now Americans have had to put up with all these extra charges for longer than we have and even have to pay for luggage on the main carriers as well. Over half of them, according to the survey, pack fewer items than they would have done previously and about the same are taking fewer bags. But now when they buy new bags they are considering the weight of the empty bag and how little weight allowance that leaves them to pack their own items. Compared to 30 years ago, modern suitcases weigh only half as much so we have more weight anyway in which to pack things. Nearly 70%, a very large amount in anyone’s terms, are checking that weight before deciding which suitcase or bag to buy. And nearly three quarters of those surveyed are saying they only use carry-on luggage.
Things that don’t seem to be worrying people quite so much are the guarantees on the bags.. Perhaps this is because guarantees have improved enormously because if an airline or airport damages your bag, the manufacturer of that bag is responsible for the repairs. They don’t want that so over the years they have toughened the bags. New polycarboantes have replaced fibreglass. Not only is it tougher but lighter as well. This led to some manufacturers giving lifetime guarantees. But practical things have come much more to the fore like having wheels, expandable luggage space and retractable handles.
The research also shows that backpacks and bags are taking over from suitcases s. Did John Ebb, president of think this meant that the traditional hold suitcase would disappear? Not at all. He thought we would see greater change. He says there are some motorised bags as well as some that have rotating tracks so that you can get them up and down stairs more easily and he thought these might be the norm in years to come.
Just as the wheelie suitcase changed baggage trends so might motorised bags. And up until now, I thought a bag was a bag was a bag!

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