Not Taking the Kids on Holiday

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Last summer we mentioned some research that showed up to 10% of people went on holiday leaving their children behind. Was this the beginning of a trend? What were parents doing with the children while they were on holiday? At that time we wondered whether the survey results were an oddity. It seems not.
In India, the trend has also been spotted and The Times of India highlighted the fact that children were left with grandparents whilst the parents went away they had almost if not more than a break than their parents did. Some people planned two holidays a year, one with the kids and one without saying that the holidays without the kids were needed so that they get sufficiently relaxed.
It did take some explaining to the children as to why they weren’t holidaying with their parents. After all a family unit was being split up when most people would have thought a holiday was a family pursuit.
But isn’t this also something to do with the recession and making money stretch as far as it can? Not it seems in India where the impact of the recession was of little impact compared to over here. At no point in The Times of India story was money mentioned as a reason. But in the research done over here last year, the economy was given as reason by some people for not taking the children with them. So is this going to be a short lived event or will there be a growth in parents holidaying without their children? Only time will tell but CD-Traveller will add questions about this in future surveys and we’ll let you know what we find.

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