Golfing Holidays & the Ryder Cup

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If you have been to Wales in the last year or two -or be interested in golf- it is hard to void the fact that the Ryder Cup is coming to the Celtic Manor Resort this coming September. So much has Visit Wales pushed the Ryder Cup possibilities that some people wonder why else you should go there. But after the Cup, people will still play golf and it isn’t only Wales that has courses.
After Homecoming in 2009, Scotland has to decided that it will attract golfers with its Drive it Home promotion. Of course, Scotland is the home of golf and attracts players from around th world who dream of playing on th old course at St Andrews and elsewhere. For every 1 pound that a golfer pays, Visit Scotland says, a further 5 pounds goes in to the local economy.
So maybe Visit Wales is right to push the Ryder Cup possibilities in Wales as much as it is doing.
Hoteliers, guesthouses and B&B’s will do well out the people who will come to watch their golfing heroes. Pubs, restaurants, coach companies and taxis will have extra business as well. But will it encourage people to return to Wales to play golf after the September fever pitch that is the Ryder cup dies down? The answer to that lies in the way that visitors are treated. Some feel that some are taking advantage of the event by charging so much for the rooms, services or whatever. Maybe its no higher than would be charged at any other similar event. But price is only one part of what attracts visitors. Welsh hospitality and service will be paramount.

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