Holidays are Life-Changing or Can Be

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This is a claim made by Kuoni in a new report that they have issued. In it they say that about half of all life changing decisions are made after a holiday has taken place. It would seem that the relaxing nature of a holiday gives people time to think.
The most popular subject for conversation is apparently the work life balance followed by getting healthier and fitter. And the more money you have the greater the percentage of people who discuss these subjects. Three quarters of the people said that holidays can break or make relationships but this declines as peole get older. Age seems to make people grow fonder of each other.
Again, about three quarters of people said that having a holiday during the recession was even more important. This seems to have been borne out by the number of us who took holidays last year. We might have reduced the amount we spent on it but holiday we were determined to do. The interesting part of these question is that all of the responders regardless of whether they were young or old, male or female thought this. holidays cheer us up said about two thirds of people and about a quarter of all people thought that during a recession they had to work harder so that was why a holiday was important.
So it seems that not only do holidays help us recharge our batteries so that we can return with fresh vigour, they amke some of us think that maybe the existing job we’ve got isn’t worth it without improvements to the life they return to after their holidays. And if that isn’t a good reason to go on holiday, i can’t think of one better.

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