Holidaying in Greece

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Like many other eurozone countries, Greece suffered from having fewer tourists from the UK and Ireland last year. Overall money from tourism was down by 11% but that masked areas of growth. Some operators reported that some of the more expensive islands to go to like Kefalonia showed increases.

So given the state of the Greek economy and those headlines that litter the press, should anyone be worried about holidaying in Greece this year?

The simple answer is probably not. We all know that wherever you go in the eurozone you will pay the same rate. So it all depends upon how the pound fares against it. The changes the tourist is likely to notice will be the prices when they get there. Everyday items may be more expensive than last year due to the government increasing taxes and generally tightening up on spending.

But in a country where every fifth person works in the tourist industry and where tourism means €50 billion euros a year to the economy, Greece can’t afford to price tourists out of wanting to return. So the guess is that any price increases will not be too high and probably most tourists won’t notice them too much.

Yes, it probably will be a year where tourism won’t grow. It may even decline. But it also means that hotel rates, a big part of the package holiday price, will remain competitive. Some of the Greek islands are reporting that business is up on last year and these, once again, seem to be the more upmarket destinations. One island claims to be short of accommodation for the early part of summer but who this may be a marketing ploy. Its been used before and probably the ploy will be used again. Only closer to the time will we know the truth.

But will there be bargains? As always, there will be some but you may need to search harder this year. If you have set your heart on Greece there is no real reason not to continue to go.

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