Britain is Alive with Pride

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The phrase above is the slogan that Visit Britain us using as part of its advertising campaign to encourage Americans to come and see us. The slogan thought up by Californian, Jay Masunaga, in a competition designed to publicise Britain as a holiday destination for the gay community.

To complement the promotion, Visit Britain has also come up with categories of people to whom Britain would appeal. These are Foodies, Night Owls, Event-Goers, Culturati, Chillers and Fashionistas. You can guess what most of these are but how about Chillers? My first thought (OK I am old-fashioned, as I now know) is that these who visit haunted sites and go on the Jack the Ripper walks around the east end of London. No, these are people who want to be pampered and who’ll travel to country house weekends.

Each month, for the next ten, a different destination will be highlighted for American visitors. Brighton, the first location, is viewed by many as the gayest place in the UK. The Lanes, the Pavilion, the Pier and the week long Pride Festival will be some of the attractions highlighted to potential visitors. After Brighton has its month of publicity come Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle. Two areas, North Wales and the Highlands, are also publicised and given a month on the US website of Visit Britain as well.

Although this promotion runs only over there, visiting the US website of Visit Britain can be fascinating. It confirms some of those thoughts we have of how overseas people see us, for example the stereotypes like pageantry and the history. And then every so often, how it profiles us shows that the world is moving on after all and understanding the changes that have occurred.

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