Didn’t England Do Well

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Visit England has announced the results of the business that its members did over the Christmas period and for the whole of 2009. And, it looks like pretty good news for them as many recorded an increase in business over 2008.

44% said that they had more business than previously and 42% said that they had the same level of business meaning that only 14% recorded a drop in business. A drop could mean that it wasn’t due to the overall level of business around but because of new entrants, better marketing or weather or other unforeseen factors (like a long period of roadworks for example) and those hit sales.

The big winner seems to have been the caravan parks and the campsites. Business for them grew by nearly two thirds. Those providing self catering accommodation also did well with business up by nearly a half. The interesting thing here is that all these types of holidays are those that tend to be booked quite some time in advance. The planners amongst us know which places, pitches and sites we want and book them in advance so we are assured of getting what we want. It could be then that those of us booked at the last minute weren’t quite so interested in holidaying at home. And remembering the summer weather we had last year, does that surprise you?

And over Christmas and the new year, those bookings held up so overall it was a good year for English holidays. Will the same happen this year? Certainly the new team at Visit England think so. So far, from what we can find out, it looks as though many of us will holiday at home again. But lots of us, including me, are leaving it until the very last minute to book. In my case though, it is indecision. And in your case?


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