What is a Tourist Attraction?

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You might think that an attraction was a theme park, a museum, a beachfront, a wildlife sanctuary or a
castle. It could be a shopping outlet site, a gallery or an outstanding view. So what about a hole? Not just any hole but a rather large one. This hole, 109 feet deep and 32 feet wide, is in Greensburg, Kansas in the US, and is being promoted as a tourist attraction and I am grateful to the Wall Street Journal & Travelmole for letting me know. It is slightly more than a hole. It is a hand dug well (dug in 1887) so it has water in it. But it isn’t used as a well although it is called The Big Well. The water is rather dirty. And it hasn’t been used as a well for quite some time.

Twenty or thirty years ago some 75,000 people a year would come. The locals decided to trade on this appeal with a tax to raise money for a $3 million museum. This is the biggest tourist attraction in Greensburg. (they also have a composting toilet in an open field and a 1,000 pound meteorite.)
Would you visit a hole? There is the Big Pit in Brynmawr in South Wales but there is machinery and a link to our industrial heritage so we can’t really call that a hole. If I were to randomly dig a ninety foot hole in the ground would you go and look at it? Would it need to be 190 foot deep instead? What would there have to be to tempt you to visit one? Apart from the natural curiosity to look through a hole in a fence surrounding at a building site to see what was there, I don’t think I would make a conscious decision to deliberately go and look at it any hole regardless of size. After all, once you’ve seen one hole etc…
But I’m not everyone. To return to my question, what would tempt you? Would you spend a day visiting a hole in preference to visiting a quaint village or day at the seaside? Probably not, yet there are obviously sufficient people in Kansas who are interested in holes. Is this because the hole is fascinating or because there is nothing else to do in this part of Kansas?

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