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For those of you living in the London you are about to be deluged by Taiwanese advertising as they try and persuade more of us to visit their country. Only about 45,000 of us currently visit Taiwan each year and they want more of us to go there. So, for the next 6 weeks or so, you’ll not only see posters at tube stations you’ll also see 75 taxis carrying the same message, visit Taiwan.
They are using the slogan, “Where else but Taiwan,” as they try to get across the fact that they are not very well known.
Most of the tourists visiting Taiwan come from the Far East with China providing huge numbers. Last year visits by Europeans dropped and they are hoping to reverse that trend. Hence the campaign in the UK. Given the state of the tourism market they did very well in 2009 as they recorded a 14% increase in the number of tourists visiting them.
So why should you consider Taiwan for your next holiday?
In some cases, the Taiwanese are right. A lot of Taiwan is hardly known. Taipei the capital and the western half of the island are where most people have visited in the past. Now the east is attracting people as this presents a very different area to visit. The mountain ranges have virtually divided the island so the population is mostly in the west. In the north you can find hot springs, there are over 100 of them throughout the country and that has sometimes made Taiwan known as the kingdom of hot springs.
Although Taiwan is often thought of as an industrial dynamo, the island is 60% covered by forest so the plants and wildlife are big appeals for tourists. And being an island, the coastline provides diving possibilities especially among some of the strangely shaped reefs that are there.
But Taipei is still where many people base themselves. And as with almost any capital city, you’ll find a blend of all the cultures that have influenced Taiwanese history, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch and their own indigenous people.
So in 6 weeks time when the campaign ends, you’ll know a lot more about what Taiwan has to offer.

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