The Viking Connection

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I automatically think of 3 places in our countries when I think of Vikings; the Isle of Man, Orkney, Dublin and York. Were they a rampaging bunch of blonde warriors bent on raping and pillaging as the Horrible Histories tell us or is there more than that?

Yes that isn’t the total story. As usual it is more complicated but mixing the truth with what people think is a great way of attracting people to your event and none is better than the Jorvik Viking Centre in linking the two.  A million pounds has been spent in the last few months on redeveloping the Jorvik Centre and it will open just in time for its silver anniversary.

 And during the festivities there will be a  comedy drama that has been written especially for the event. Running on just 2 days it is called, Egil Skallagrimsson Keeps His Head. When I tell you that it has been created by the same people who are responsible for the very funny “The 39 Steps” that has been running for at least 3 years in London then this is going to be worth a visit.

 Starting a week on Saturday there is the usual festival which, conveniently coincides with half term. So we have a mixture combining a learned conference, a march through the city to appeal to all, events to appeal to children such as battles  and enough to keep the adults interested as well.

 In many ways it is the ideal half term offering with something happening every day. For more information see

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