High Speed Trains: The Way Ahead?

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On top of the push by Lord Adonis, the transport secretary, for the development of high speed rail links in the UK comes a poll of business travellers who seem to be in agreement. The Guild of Travel Management has members who are responsible for co-ordinating travel at either big companies or those where travel is a major part of their work. 70% of them feel a high speed rail network should be a priority for the next government. 60% then said they would switch to rail from their cars if the rail route was faster.
What they have suggested is what we have already seen happens. Flights from London to Brussels and Paris have dropped considerably because of the time saved by Eurostar. So all this poll is saying is that business people want the high speed trains in place first and then they might use it ifs faster. This has been proven by action so we don’t really need a poll to tell what will happen. London to Manchester by rail is pretty marginal for flyers. Cut another 20-25 minutes off the rail journey and the airline shuttles will begin to fade.
This last week the US president has announced that they are also going to develop high speed rail links costing about $8 billion. Mind you, in some cases high speed rail only means speeds of 90mph (as on the Raleigh-Charlotte line) as opposed to the 200 mph in Europe and Japan.
But it seems this political idea is spreading and will become the mantra of future politicians. Firstly they wanted an airport, now they will all want a high speed rail link.
In the UK, the length of time it takes to achieve anything is the problem. In the US, things happen faster so they might get their high speed services before we end the planing process


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