Supporting the Staffordshire Hoard

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The Staffordshire Horde

The Staffordshire Horde

Back in September (CD-Traveller 30/9/09) we wrote about the Staffordshire Hoard of over 1500 finds that had been found in a field by a metal detector. When they went on display in Birmingham, the queues to see it went around the museum and tickets were rationed. (

Such a magnificent find (for once the word isn’t an exaggeration) deserves to stay in the Midlands rather than London and so Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum is trying to raise £3.3 million in just 13 weeks to buy the hoard.  They will then need another £1.7 million to display it. So far £500,000 has been raised in the first week.

If you feel you can contribute, please go to

Bill Wyman, Michael Palin, Tony Robinson and Dr David Starkey have all let their names to try and raise the money needed and there are fundraising meetings as well. Some of the items will be on display from 13 February to the 7th March at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent.

This could well be the most significant find about our past in the last 60 odd years. Keeping this hoard in the Midlands will give a boost to the view that our national treasures should be spread throughout our countries rather than placed in just our capital cities. It will encourage visitors to see museums and galleries that are less frequently visited and give revenue to the local economy. It is believed that this hoard will vastly extend our knowledge about the Kingdom of Mercia. And in the old Kingdom of Mercia the hoard should stay.

I’ve sent my donation. May I urge you once again that if you can donate please do so.

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