Staycations Survive the Freeze

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One of the successes of 2009 has been the growth of the staycation. More of us took a domestic holiday than for many years. Was it going to be a one day wonder or was it something that would last into, at least, another year?

Depending on who you talk to you it’s either holding up well for this year or it was just a feature of the recession last year. Both Haven and Hoseasons have said that bookings are up for domestic holidays this year. On the other hand, and, that the staycation is well and truly over and will be replaced by overseas holidays in 2010.

Who is right?

Both simonseeks and conducted surveys, and I am assuming that they surveyed the visitors to their own websites. Therein may be the problem. We don’t know whether their surveys include the sort of people who would go on domestic holidays. Even if they do, it is a survey of what people say they might do not what they have actually done. We do know from the Hoseasons and the Haven reports that their figures are based on not what people say but what they have done. They have all booked domestic holidays.

At this time of the year people can say they will do one thing and that may not happen. The real proof will be when the season is over and we see what they really did.

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