Praising Farmers & Damning Officials

By | Category: Travel rumblings

Unless you have been hiding for the last week or so you’ll have noticed the odd bit of snow on the ground. Virtually all over the country it has caused disruption to travel and everyday life. But a sort of community spirit has existed where neighbour has helped neighbour and complete strangers have helped unblock roads.
The tourism industry has been hit too. Country hotels have had their normally attractive drives become barriers to the arrival of guests. Attractions and heritage sites have suffered the same. Unless you have been in the middle of a town or city where the roads have been gritted, getting around has relied on the help of people clearing snow and slush away.
The people who have come to the aid of many have been farmers who have used their tractors and farmyard machinery to clear lanes and roads and pull people out of icy mishaps. To them should go grateful thanks for all their help. I am aware of quite a few hotels and pubs who can now take visitors because their drives have been cleared.
But there comes the report of a farmer who has been told by some officious bumpkin masquerading as a council official that he should stop clearing roads.
Because he has red diesel in his tank and that must only be used for agricultural purposes.
Can this be true?
If it is then his bosses need to remind him what community and helping out means. And if his bosses are this petty and support him then how about a tax investigation into all their allowances and claims which might wipe the grins off their uncaring faces.

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