Hotel Habits Change

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As long as there have been hotels, there has been those who want to know what happens inside them. Thirty years ago, the television series “The Duchess of Duke Street chronicled the comings and goings of a hotel in Victorian London. Nearly 80 years ago the film, Grand Hotel, did the same thing.

Novotel, the hotel chain has been running a survey in Australia. Fiji and New Zealand for the last 10 years into what guests leave behind in their hotels and it is intriguing to see how habits have changed over the decade. Most of us believe that the guests nick the soap and the little shampoo bottles but is this still the case?

For a start in a number of hotels the soap has disappeared to be replaced by soap dispensers attached to the walls. The sweets have disappeared from pillows and I haven’t has a bed turned down for ages.

Novotel says we are travelling with less luggage than we used to with males carrying 1 bag and women, 2.1 bags. (I make no comment in case my wife reads this!) Women are messier than men seem to be as they are more likely to leave a room dirtier and are more likely to flood the bathroom. But men are likelier to be caught naked outside their rooms. Men still prefer steak in the restaurants but women have switched from a Caesar salad to seafood. Reusing towels each day instead of requesting new ones has jumped by 200% over the decade as the impact of green issues has become more prominent.

So what do we leave behind. In my case I can recall a pair of glasses and a colleague, his passport. But prosthetic limbs? Surely that was for some fancy dress party rather than a guest suddenly realising that he was walking on only one leg. The same probably explains a nun’s habit. But a two metre statue? I think they decided how heavy and awkward it was to bring in and decided to donate it to the hotel. Mobile phone chargers were commonly left as was underwear (Novotel calls this lingerie so I may be demeaning the style of underwear!). I won’t mention the sex toys, snakes and a request for a bath full of red wine. Some things should remain unsaid.


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