Had Enough of Snow?

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If some of the ski holiday companies are to be believed some of us have got so enamoured of the white stuff that we are “inundating” (their word not mine) companies with enquiries about skiing holidays.

Can this be true? Haven’t they seen enough of the stuff? Have they forgotten already the need for clearing paths and roadways, waiting for non-existent trains and buses to get to work, delayed flights to take them to ski resorts and no milk in the villages because the delivery trucks can’t get through.

If I seem a little biased, it’s all down to trying to chip ice of the drive so I can get the car out (unsuccessfully so far). My blisters and odd muscle pains have affected my head as well as my joints.

But that is unfair because the thing that I dislike about snow is exactly why people enjoy skiing. They don’t have to dig themselves out or worry about where to get food. Everything is done to make it easy for the holidaymaker. And the snowfall has been very good across all of Europe so that could be why bookings for skiing holidays are up by about 150% at one company.

It’s not only resorts like Verbier and Meribel that are enjoying extra business. Scotland is doing well and so is Cumbria as it attracts more snowboarders as well as skiers.

So as all you skiers, snowboarders, dog sledders enjoy yourselves, I will console myself with the thought that another morning’s work should see the ice gone,- at least until I get to the road!

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