Why You Choose a Holiday

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This is the time of the year when those can claim to be able to forecast where we will holiday come out with their thoughts. And usually the most popular, Spain, France and the UK appear way down the list if it all because it will take a momentous change to remove these three from our lists. So they talk about other places that they claim will see more people will go to. Before we look at some of the forecasts tomorrow why do you choose where we go in the first place?

There are a few reasons why people holiday where they do and it can be summed up as CPCP, cash, preference, convenience and persuasion.

Cash including the exchange rate and whether it is a bargain is a prime influence. If you don’t have it you can’t do it. I might dearly want to go into space with Sir Richard Branson’s new project but £200,000 I haven’t got so that’s off my list. Going to Spain with the pound so weak against the euro means I’ll think twice or look for a great deal or even go for a shorter time

Personal holiday preference for beaches, activities, nightlife, cruising or whatever will influence what you consider. If you don’t like it you’re not even going to look at it. If you can’t stand flying or get seasick easily that will help you decide what not to do.

Convenience is dictated by who goes with you, when you can get away and can we get there easily. Having a six month old baby means backpacking in Nepal is unlikely. Having teenagers means a five star hotel in some off the beaten track location with little to do is unlikely to be an option. And not being able to get there relatively easily could make you decide as well.

Persuasion is the most difficult to estimate because it comes down to how advertising, comparison websites, friends, relatives, travel agents, what films/TV series are around are influencing us at the time. For example will I skip that holiday to Majorca because Auntie Elsie is 100 this year so I had better go to Birmingham for a few days? Does that annoying sponsorship on ITV3 by Yorkshire put me off ever wanting to consider the place? How much weight do I give to the fact that my best mate says forget what I have heard about Ibiza and that it really is the place to go? And Slumdog Millionaire really got to me so shall I go to India?

I haven’t mentioned the weather. It can play a part in deciding a destination but probably not in the type of holiday you choose. If it played a major part why would you go to Snowdonia or the Scottish Highlands in summer (and face the midges). No, the weather plays a less important role.

So where do the pundits say we’ll go? That’s for tomorrow

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