Holiday Booking Time?

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Traditionally, summer holiday bookings begin in earnest just after Christmas. Tour operators, airlines and destinations watch closely to see how many of us go into travel agents or look at online travel sites. And if there is bad weather around then the number of enquirers and bookings rise.

So there are a number of optimistic people around at the moment. The post Christmas sales seem to be going well and some retailers claim this is the best sales period since 1998. Some say sales are up over 18% over last year. The weather is cold and more snow is forecast over large swathes of the country.

So according to all the runes, this should be a good year for the travel industry. The one fly in the ointment is the attempted attack on that Amsterdam-Detroit flight. Nobody yet knows what impact that will have on tourism or travel over the next six months but airline forecasters are probably recasting their figures after the optimism they had before Christmas.

Another piece of optimism came from a small survey by TripAdvisor suggesting that 70% of Britons plan to spend more than £1,700 or more on travel in 2010. And over a quarter of us will spend over £5,300 on holidays and travel. Bear in mind this was a small sample but if the optimism that these figures and the rest of the runes show then 2010 could see quite an upturn for the travel industry.

For the traveller however what does it mean? More of us want a break and 2009 showed more than any year I can remember just how important holidays and breaks were to us especially when faced with pessimistic economic news. Holidays became a symbol of escapism. But with a number of tour operators and airlines going bust, there are fewer holidays on offer by the package tour operators. That means either less discounting will be available or that prices will be higher. However this plane attack may revise all that. How willing will we be to fly? If there is a bright spot, then it is a macabre one for if we are put off flying, there could be some bargains to be found for those willing to fly.

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