What We’ll Be Like In 2010

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This is the time of year when forecasters gaze into the tealeaves and predict what might happen in the coming year. Some may even get it right but by the time we can prove it one way or the other, it will become time for the next bunch of forecasts.

Mintel, a research company that forecasts across many different industries, says that there will be seven trends in our behaviour during 2010 as we begin to fell more confident than we did this year.

Firstly they think we will be more resilient in that we will be able to recover from the downturns in our own personal life caused by the recession. They think that we will re-examine how we do things with value for money uppermost in our minds. Half of us buy items when promotions are involved and Mintel expects us to continue like that whilst still cutting down on treats and luxuries.

We have become a more doubting society so that we will question more and will be likely to ask for proof of any claims made. Banks and those claiming to be “green” are viewed suspiciously. We do, however, want some escape from the everyday norm and they think we are likely splash out from timer to time. But we will not necessarily accept what advertisers tell us, hence our use of comparison and social networking sites. They think that we will respond to ethical claims from companies and finally they think we want stability instead of the seesaw that our lives have gone through over the last eighteen months.

Does that fit in with how you see your life in 2010?

As for me, I think confidence is returning about the economy as a whole. We’ll still need our holidays from everyday life but I see them becoming more expensive as tour operators, airlines and hotels try to increase their profits. And with the collapse of such large tour operators and airlines there will be less capacity which again suggests we will be paying higher prices. So staycations, days out and weekend breaks will grow as people make the same money go as far as they can.

So there are two views. What do you feel about 2010?

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