Wrong Sort of Air?

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We’ve had lots of different reasons given over the years for transport breakdowns; leaves on the railway lines, a swan on the line at Peterborough, wrong sort of snow but now, from Eurostar, we seem to have the wrong sort of air.

Four trains yesterday evening broke down in the tunnel. One of the possible reasons, (or excuses depending on your cynicism,) is that when the engines of the trains met the warm air in the tunnel after the cold air in France  something had to give and so the engines packed up. A couple of thousand people were affected in the trains themselves and even more have been delayed.

Is their some conspiracy afoot that makes the two busiest times of the year for travel, Christmas and the start of the summer holidays a time when things go wrong? And it isn’t just us. In the US they are expecting a humdinger of a snow storm to hit the north east so Washington DC may get up to 20 inches of snow and New York 14 inches this weekend. France and Spain are having very cold weather and snow. 

But it isn’t just the weather. Airlines and tour operators go bust, strikes always are mooted and sometimes happen.(today it is British immigration officials in Calais so that port is closed.)

It all seems to make going away that much more difficult. Or is it that when we finally get there we are so thankful we’ll just put up with anything such as relatives we aren’t fond of and sprouts cooked to pulp.

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