Road Signs are Dangerous

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Is it just me or are other people fed up with the road graffiti that seems to be mushrooming all over the place? Here I am, out for a day, being a day tripper and going somewhere new and I am bombarded by flashing signs telling me to slow down or pointing out what the speed limit is. Or a smiley face or an angry face or numbers flashing away showing me my speed.

May be I would be a little more tolerant towards these flashing signs if they were true. In a couple of cases I know the road signs are blatantly wrong. Take for example a sign in Radlett in Hertfordshire near a hospital. It flashes the speed of 40 mph at you as you approach it. It flashes the same at you if you are doing 35mph or 30mph. Yet the subliminal message behind the flashing is surely to tell me I am speeding, which I am not.

It is at night that I am more concerned. Coming around a corner and suddenly facing a light that suddenly comes on and flashes at you is not just disconcerting, I think it can be downright dangerous. Your concentration on driving is suddenly hit for a split second. And those people who talk of road safety say that an accident can be caused in a split second. Well, if they are right, why are they trying their utmost to cause one?

I’m not saying that speeding is right. But signs that flash whether you are speeding or not are a waste. Signs that flash if you are speeding can be dangerous if they are positioned badly. But do we need all these signs? Has there been research to see if they cause accidents or do they help?

What is happening to just going out for a drive, seeing some of the country, dropping into a pub for lunch and meandering back home at the end of the day? This is what tourism at its lowest level is. And it’s becoming more and more unappealing to me.

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