Disney and Swindon

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My first thought on hearing the two names coupled together was that this was some comedy duo that were probably playing in panto as the ugly sisters or the baron’s henchmen this Christmas.

Was I the only one who was a little surprised to hear that Swindon has been chosen to twin with Florida’s Disney World in 2010? Amongst the 500 entries, 3 people had nominated Swindon and it was the entry of Rebecca Warren that was successful.

Why Swindon? Am I being ungracious? What places competed against them?

Swindon to me means exits off the M4 on the way to Wales and the links it has with Brunel and the railway. A quick straw poll around the office didn’t reveal much more.

So which places competed against them? Blackpool and Brighton, two big tourist destinations that have lots to offer the visitor. As does Cambridge, another entrant. So the competition could have been quite strong. But the winner is chosen not by what the place has to offer but by the strength of the arguments put forward. And Rebecca’s arguments appealed more.

And that is good for Swindon because by winning they will be allowed to have a display at EPCOT in Orlando which will make Swindon known to a wider audience. And the publicity that this has brought about will make other people back home, including me, think about visiting the town as well.

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