Another Museum Burns

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Another museum, the Cae Dai 1950’s Motor Museum in Lawnt outside Denbigh in North Wales has been badly damaged by fire. The fire broke out on Tuesday night and has destroyed many of the vehicles including the lorry that was used to take the mail sacks away from the Great Train Robbery in 1963. Now that the roof has caved in, it is not sure if anything can be saved from the collection. But being a 1950’s museum, there was more than the odd vehicle. There were examples of food and everyday items from the time including ration books (I still have mine somewhere about the place) and mock-ups of what kitchens were like at the time. All this may well have gone and cannot easily be replaced.

On top of the Cutty Sark fire and the fire that went through the National Motor Cycle Museum in Birmingham a few years ago you do wonder whether museums have their fair share of disasters. This may have been caused by arson as the local fire brigade says that there are some odd features about it. Originally the fire began in a caravan but the museum also caught light.

Cae Dai is a private museum which has been built up by one man, Sparrow Harrison. The question now is whether any of the vehicles can be saved and restored (I think the National Motor Cycle Museum managed to restore 120 out of the original 380 that were “lost”) and how this might be financed. As for the household items, maybe some people still have them lying around and would be willing to donate them.

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