Cumbria and Dubai

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In the last week or so both Cumbria and Dubai have been hit by disasters of different sorts. As you will all know, Cumbria has been hit by some of the worst floods in memory and Dubai by a financial crisis which few thought would ever happen. Both are heavily dependent on tourism and both have been quick to say that both are open for business.
In Cumbria, courtesy of “Travel Weekly,” there is the story of Cockermouth Travel, a travel agency which was flooded with four feet of water by 1pm. Power was cut off but within 3 hours they were back up and running with staff working from home. A day later, they were sharing offices with a chemist, a doctor’s practice and a bookshop. Only one customer has cancelled and that was because of the loss of their house and car.

In the meantime, the Prince of Wales and the head of Cumbria Tourism have both said that Cumbria is open for business and tourism is alive and well. In some parts at least.

Earlier in the week I received a press release entitled, “Why Dubai is on top of the World,” which I would imagine, by the end of the week, they wish they hadn’t sent out. The media has been full of stories about the greed of Dubai and how much of the growth was built on sand. Yes, the puns came out as a stream as newspapers began writing the blackest of stories. Like Cumbria, Dubai still wants tourists to keep coming and unlike almost any other country they have spent at a ferocious rate to attract tourism. That isn’t going to disappear; they still have hotels to fill and the attractions aren’t going to close. In fact there could be some bargains you be had by the savvy visitor

What both stories show is the importance of tourism. Even with all the troubles both areas are anxious you should continue to think of these places as holiday destinations. Not tomorrow, but today



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