More Advertising When You Fly

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If you haven’t already had enough of the hard sell that no frills airlines hit you with when you check-in and board their planes, then be prepared because more could be coming. Luckily it won’t be soon because the latest new advertising idea is only occurring on an American airline called AirTran. They have decided that there will be advertising attached to the back of every seat. It will be fairly small and is similar, for those who have flown on Ryanair, in size to the safety instructions that are attached to the back of every Ryanair seat.
Whether it works or not for AirTran, you can bet all airlines, not only the no frills airlines will look at the advertising potential.
So what next?

Overhead lockers would seem the obvious place for the airlines to look. The bulkheads could be another opportunity as could be the antimacassars on the back of seats. Will we have the seats sponsored by DFS or SofaWorld or some company like that? Will airlines negotiate with one company for food supply so you only end up with Tesco Value or Subway? The safety announcements can be sponsored by Wantmore & Sue, solicitors and ambulance chasers, the trolleys by Maclaren child buggies (slogan; we look after your food as you look after your baby) and the uniforms by Primark. The wings can be covered with advertising but only those in window seats will be able to see them. The list is endless.

Michael O’Leary might have been joking in that competition a little while ago about his face being on the toilet paper but if it makes money, why not?




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