EU Consults on Travel Protection

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Starting today, the EU will consult with the travel industry over the next 8 weeks before coming up with new proposals on giving greater protection to travellers.

CD-Traveller has published many stories about this over the last year. You will know by now that you are protected if you buy a holiday package from someone who is ATOL bonded.  Or so we thought.  Recently the courts threw a spanner in the works by questionning what is meant by a “package” in a test  case between the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and Travel Republic (see CD-Traveller 13 November 2009). Now even lawyers seem unsure about consumer protection regarding flights and holidays. Therefore it becomes more pressing that talk is relaced by some action. Just as night follows day, there will be other airline and tour operator collapses especially in this uncertain economic climate.

The EU Commissioner, Meglena Kuneva, in a BBC interview said that the existing situation “will not be tolerated.” Given that the consultation will take until the end of January 2010 and then the EU will go ahead and draft legislation, I cannot see any short term solution for travellers. But maybe the EU can really do something this time. In the meantime, check carefully when you book to see what level of protection you have.

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