42 People Miss Ryanair Flight

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About a quarter of a flight missed a flight from Liverpool to Belfast last Sunday because the gate changed and the passengers were unaware of this. Apparently, according to the BBC, the passengers rushed to the new gate to find that the pilot denied them boarding. Passengers were told they would have to pay extra to return to Belfast so who is to blame for this PR mess.

Liverpool Airport doesn’t make announcements so is it due to them for not making it clear to passengers? Is it the fault of the  Servisair, who handle Ryanair flights at the airport and who should have wondered why 42 checked-in passengers all didn’t turn up to the right gate? Or is it the Ryanair captain, who on being told of the number outside waiting, could have used some initiative and got them on board but then who would have been late arriving in Belfast? Is it Ryanair who are rigid in their approach to moving people around?

I think all take some blame. The airport, when a gate is changed, should give enough warning and should make a tannoy announcement.  Servisair should have left sufficient staff at the old gate to advise passengers where to go so they had enough time to make it to the plane. And the pilot should have had enough common sense to realise that something has to be wrong when a quarter of his flight doesn’t show up. It  seems none of these passengers had luggage in the hold because had they, then unaccompanied baggage would have had to have been offloaded before the plane takes off. And Ryanair must take some of the blame for its rigidity.

And all of them deserve a slapped wrist for not even bothering to post apologies to the 42 on their websites yet.

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