Sir Christopher Columbus

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Discover Ireland's "Did you know?"It is pretty well known that  in fourteen hundred and ninety two, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. What is not so well known is that he was British and a knight no less.

You might have thought he was born in Italy. You might have thought he was funded by King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of  Castile in Spain. But there are some “facts” you should know courtesy of Tourism Ireland. On their website,, they have a series entitled “Did You Know”  And as you can see from the screen shot, they know more than the rest of us. 

 We know that the brother of Columbus contacted King Henry VII to see if he would fund Columbus’s voyages. Somewhere lost in history it appears that Henry did this and was so pleased  with what Columbus found he knighted him 

Or it could be that Discover Ireland has made a little error!

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