BA and the Top 10 Destinations of 2010

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British Airways has announced its list of 10 destinations that it thinks will influence you to decide where to go on your holidays next year. In any list like this you have to bear a couple of things in mind, the first being that BA flies to all the destinations it suggests and therefore that may have influenced the list. Secondly it is subjective. We don’t know how these places got on the list. Probably some “expert” decided or it coincided with a new or improved service to that destination by BA. I could be completely wrong there but, as I said, who knows. Still it is interesting to see whether our ideas match those of BA.

The list is Cape Town, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Dubrovnik, New York, Stockholm, the Maldives and Delhi.

My first reaction to anything like this is that any recommended place has to be avoided at all costs because hoards of people will take the advice. But are people more cautious now?

Cape Town is the obvious choice because of the World Cup. Interestingly a body called ETOA (European Tour Operators Association) which is a trade body encouraging tourism into Europe has said that tourism before and after the Olympics in Beijing was markedly down both before and after the Games. The same occurred in Sydney in 2000. Does the same logic hold for the impact of the World Cup? Vancouver holds the Winter Olympics so it may be affected as well.

Istanbul is one of the European Capitals of Culture next year and all previous capitals have done well, maybe because the event is spaced over a full year. Punta Cana, according to BA, is supposed to be the new playground for the rich and famous. Well that rules me out!

As for the others? Well maybe but most of us will still see Spain and France, the Algarve, Greece, Turkey (the beach resorts) and Egypt as the places likely to see us. And, of course, the UK.

As for my top tip? I wouldn’t even suggest one. It could be the kiss of death!

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