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No the headline isn’t a typing error; this is the new slogan to entice us to travel to Slovenia. Will it work? Ask in a year’s time and we’ll find out. That’s a problem with finding quick pithy lines to help you remember. Australia came out with “where the bloody hell are you?” which certainly generated the publicity if not always the numbers.

Whatever slogan is chosen, about 2.2 million visitors have gone to Slovenia this year and, by year end, it looks as though overall tourism will have dropped by only about 1% making Slovenia a success story in many people’s eyes. The UK is the fifth largest provider of visitors but to the capital, Ljubljana, we are the third   And the capital is an easy city to see. It’s small and virtually everywhere you want to go you can walk to. Unlike sprawling capitals this makes it very attractive for short breaks. Having been there last year for just such a short break, I can readily confirm that.

Again, tourism officials are trumpeting their “greenness” and with 60% of the country forested and a fifth of the coastline protected, they can probably claim that more than some others.

Slovenia is one of those destinations increasingly popular with skiers since prices are lower than elsewhere. But they did announce at WTM that there is now the first cross border ski area covering Italy, Austria and Slovenia. There are no border controls and one ski pass will cover the whole area giving 30 kilometres of skiing. (more will be added after WTM)

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