Gulf Tourism Expands and Expands

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Tourism to the Gulf countries is relatively small but growth is likely given the amount of investment that is being ploughed in an attempt to get us to visit. Abu Dhabi is anticipating growth of 10% for next year and 15% for the following two years. We have previously carried stories about what Abu Dhabi has to offer and it certainly shouldn’t be thought of like Dubai as a luxury destination. Hotel rates are reasonable and with all the competition amongst gulf airlines, prices are reasonable.

The same applies to Oman. Tourism attracts 2 million people (about the same as Abu Dhabi). But they have a strong commitment to diversify away from oil. That will take some years but Oman, like many countries see tourism as a perennial support for the economy and investment now should reap benefits down the line. Tourism grew by 11% this year and whilst it has yet to have the appeal of Dubai, it has the cash to develop attractions and reasons why we should visit it.  (more will be added after WTM)

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