An Old Favourite, Ibiza

By | Category: Travel destinations, Travel news

The UK has had a love affair with Ibiza for well over 30 years. It began as a hideaway and then the package holiday market found it. Split in appeal to those who liked the towns and the nightlife and those who provided the quieter parts, it attracts vast numbers of us. But it is still seen, primarily,  as a summer destination. Ibiza is now going to try and persuade us to winter there as well just as we do in the Canaries. Part of the problem has been that there have been many fewer flights to Ibiza in the winter but Ryanair has stepped in and will provide an all round service to complement the others.

In an economic climate such as we have you might be surprised to know that Ibiza is going to promote its luxury offerings. That is one of four themes to the advertising that will hit you next year as you plan your holidays. But they will also highlight two other features of the island, the cooking and the interior. Whilst the beach and the nightlife is the main attraction of the island, they want you to get out and explore even to the extent that they are developing cycle routes. (more will be added after WTM)

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