Croatia Appeals to the Pocket and Taste Buds

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Croatia is not yet a member of the EU and is outside the eurozone. That may be why visitors from Britain rose by 2%. The Croatians like us. Apart from the fact we are only the 10th largest country in terms of visitors we spend a lot more than many others so they will encourage us to visit by offering value for money and that all important price difference.

 In 2010 they forecast that price will be the strongest element in persuading us to go. When you think of Croatia, you might think of culture because Dubrovnik might be the first place you think of. Or you might think of the sea and water activities since they 7,700 miles of coastline.

 But would you think of wine? Gilly Goolden was on hand to sample three wines and give her views. Her praise was unstinting and she forecast that the next big wine country to take off would be Croatia. This year they won 8 gold medals in the decanter awards. And that was more than established wine producers like Australia or New Zealand. The wines I have yet to sample but I shall for when the fuller report appears here.

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