Changing British Travel Habits

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Kicking off World Travel Market (WTM) is a forecast of what can be expected in the future and this comes from the research firm, Euromonitor. In 2009 they think that we will have flown 14% less, stays in hotels will be down by 16% and overall tourism will be down by 8%. The market for luxury holidays won’t recover before 2013 they think. But in the UK, they have highlighted a trend for pop-up hotels. These are almost prefabricated hotels that can be put up and taken down quickly. They are cheap to construct and cheap to stay in. Travelodge say that 50% of their new hotels will be of this sort. They also highlight the fact that we are booking our holidays and travel later so the internet is proving a boon to us in being able to track those last minute offers. They think what will hold us back from booking more holidays is the government’s increase of Air Passenger Duty which went up at the beginning of November. Travel groups and just about anyone else connected to tourism wants the government to remove because such taxes have shown to stop tourists travelling quite so much. (A longer version of this will be posted after WTM.)

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