A Carmarthenshire Scenic Spot

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You get many travel writers promoting the sites from train journeys. I have travelled myself on the Indian Pacific which travels from Sydney to Perth. (I got as far as Peterborough in South Australia when I got bored and took a train instead to Adelaide.)The Bullet train, the Orient Express, the train to Kyle of Lochalsh and the Blaenau Festiniog railway are also supposed to be things you should do.

Well let me offer another, cut down version for you to consider. As you leave Carmarthen and head for Swansea the railway line meanders alongside the River Towy and then down to Ferryside and past Llansaint. From there it goes by the bay until you get to Kidwelly where the River Gwendraeth cuts across the line. The journey takes less than half an hour before you leave the river’s edge where, by now, it has widened to a couple of miles across. Here its Carmarthen Bay proper. But that little journey has a lot to offer the visitor and rail is the only way to really see it.

The river is quite wide when you leave Carmarthen but the river cuts through fields rather than just passing them. The river is in full flow but being tidal, there are banks and little island on which birds flock. Further down, the bay opens out and the mud flats of low tide turn into sandy beaches dog walkers enjoy. There aren’t that many beach huts or caravan camps near here so you are left with feeling that it’s unspoilt. A small marina across from the railway line is the only clue to how many water sports take place here when it is warmer.

It isn’t spectacular. It isn’t awe inspiring. Just a pleasant, pretty diversion that is as unexpected as it is welcome.

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