Turning Down A Million Dollars

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That’s what Sydney Opera House in Australia did last week.

A company offered a million dollars if it could project its logo/details onto the shells of the building. Was it just a publicity stunt or was the offer genuine? Was the Opera House right to refuse the money?

The Opera House is a known tourist attraction and symbol throughout the world. It also has some large debts and repairs that need doing. A million dollars would make some inroads into either. But is it right that it should be commercialised in such a way? We might have the O2 Arena and the Emirates Stadium but we haven’t had adverts projected onto the Houses of Parliament or Edinburgh Castle. And when does advertising become sponsorship or vice versa?

From the standpoint of the company concerned they win either way. If they had succeeded the pictures would have gone around the world making the project worth far more than a million to them. If the Opera House refused then they would still get quite a bit of publicity just for their audacity in making the approach and from the refusal. And that’s why I haven’t named them because why should I give them more publicity?

Now that it has been rejected people will argue over whether it was right to do so. It all comes down to how far should commercialising our heritage go? Should we try and get every pound/dollar we can to reduce the amount taxpayers should pay in supporting our heritage or be prepared to always have to stump up nearly all the cash required?


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