The Berlin Escape Tunnels

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About 150,000 people in the last year have visited escape tunnels in Berlin. The tunnels were dug during the time that the Berlin wall was in existence. During those cold war years there were frequent attempts to escape. No-one knows how many made it (one thought is about 300) but well over a hundred died in the attempt.

The tunnels, like those in Vietnam, are a reminder of less pleasant times. But the network of tunnels is larger than I would have guessed. I imagined it might be like those war films where a single tunnel took you under the wall and just out the other side. Some, you can barely get through, others are tall enough for you to stand up in. How many tunnels are there? The answer is that nobody seems sure since others may yet be found. And in the 28 odd years that the wall stood, it seems that no-one knows how many attempts were made to dig a tunnel.

So if you fancy something a bit different and you are in Berlin let us know what you think of it.

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