A Different Hotel Stay

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I write this rumble kneeling on the floor with my laptop on top of a small chest of drawers pushed up against the television. Why? No chairs in this hotel room so you sit on the bed or the floor. A small problem set against all the benefits. This hotel is small, old and completely untainted by modern hotel management thinking.  No massive deference to me, the guest, just ordinary civility.

Breakfast this morning was just that.  “Do you want breakfast,” I was asked. No choice just bacon, sausage, mushroom, baked beans, fried egg and toast. Whether I should have some fruit and satisfy those health soothsayers who are warning of my imminent demise didn’t come into it. No choice between white, wholemeal or brown bread. But there was orange juice!

And then it happened. The sole waitress suddenly came to a stop. I thought she’d knocked her knee on a table leg but I later found out she had damaged a weak tendon. All of us were aware of her pain. And there was no one to help. Except the guests. She cooked and we went and collected our breakfasts, then cleared them away. And whilst we were doing that we talked to each other. When did you last talk to someone over a meal in a hotel?

It was the conversation from the group of four behind me that made the stay longer than I planned. They were discussing which prisons they preferred. I kid you not. A number were discussed and the pros and cons weighed up. Bed comfort, cell size, food, amenities were considered.  It was the most interesting breakfast I’ve had in a long time. Nobody making or taking mobile phone calls. No duo talking about a business meeting.  No newspaper page turning and no waiters pausing over my shoulder trying to make me increase any tip I felt I should give.

Yes that was quite a stay. So different, so pleasant as a result. But now I stop as my knees are beginning to remind me of my age.

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