Cardiff Poppies

By | Category: Travel rumblings

I was in Cardiff yesterday for a meeting about tourism. Cardiff has transformed itself over the years. It has had the castle, the National Museum and the shops for years to attract tourists. Then along came the regeneration of Tiger Bay. Now there is a new shopping area that has just opened so on the way to the meeting I thought I would have a quick look. Judging from the number of people there it has attracted initial support and, when the rest of the shops open, it will probably have good Xmas sales.

 But what caught my attention were not the shops but the poppies. Outside Cardiff Central station. On two metal structures large plastic poppies were hanging on metal branches. And in St Mary Street there were more. It was quite a simple idea but effective. Not only did it brighten the area but it served as a reminder of the poppy appeal. I’ve not seen this done anywhere else and for all I know Cardiff does it every year. It’s just a little thing but enough for some children to point to it and ask what it meant. “Are they real flowers,” I heard one child say. Almost like Christmas lights being an attraction for people to come in see them, do these poppies achieve the same?

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