Customers Come Second Place With Airlines.

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That’s the conclusion from a company called Collinson Latitude. This company specialises in finding other ways for airlines to make money out of you other than just from ticket sales. It can be travel insurance or entry into airport lounges or  a host of other things. The important thing is that they are successful in developing these services for travel companies.

So when they say that two thirds of airlines around the world have systems to increase revenue but that they still don’t focus on the customer you are inclined to believe them. If we take one airline, the one that says it is the favourite airline of Europe, Britain, Ireland and probably countless other places, which earns a lot of extra money from passengers. It would say that helps keep fares low. It would say that is what it has done for the passenger.

Yet Collinson Latitude says that an appreciation of customer needs delivers better commercial results in the long term. The trouble is that lots of airlines, and train companies, hotels and tour operators don’t view the passenger or guest as pre-eminent. If we don’t get reasonably well looked after, we walk to rivals. The key is that there is a point at which price will persuade us to change our minds. We will accept less than acceptable service because of a price. And acceptable service changes for each and every one of us. What is acceptable to me may not be acceptable to another. Finding that dividing line is what airlines, hotels, cruise lines have to do.

At least now they have a company who they might listen to!

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