Kids & the Best British Landmarks

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The hotel chain Travelodge has asked 2500 8-15 year olds what they rate as Britain’s most iconic landmarks and it threw up some answers I might not have expected. The winner was Stonehenge and maybe that’s not surprising since just about everyone can imagine what it looks like. Second choice was Hadrian’s Wall and then came the London Eye.

So a modern structure was seen as iconic and eighth came the Angel of the North.  Those were the only two modern winners in the top 10 so none of the millennium projects made it into the list and no football stadia made it either. No Wembley or Emirates then. The Tower of London only came in 6th after Edinburgh Castle and Buckingham Palace. The white cliffs at Dover over came 7th and wrapping up the last two sports were Blackpool Tower and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Such a lot of buildings/places are missing, no Forth Bridge, no Tower Bridge, no Houses of Parliament or any other castle like Cardiff, Warwick, Caernarfon, Windsor  or Durham. No Canterbury Cathedral or any other religious house apart from St Pauls. No British Museum or anything in Stratford on Avon. No other coastlines like the Jurassic coast in Dorset, Giant’s causeway in County Antrim, St Michael’s Mount or St David’s Head, no Lands End, no piers, no modern buildings like the Gherkin, the exhibition centre in Glasgow or the Scottish Parliament  and no Uffington White Horse.

Does this tell us anything at all about what will attract kids? Probably not.  More likely it covers just what they remember being taught or shown. Maybe next time we should ask what they saw this year and what did they enjoy the most.  Because enjoyment is what makes us want to return.

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