Scottish Storytelling

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Tomorrow begins one of the most unusual features of the yearlong Homecoming celebrations in Scotland, the Storytelling Festival. This is actually the 20th but as with the rest of Scotland, the Homecoming Festival has given it more prominence.
Don’t think that it is just about Scotland. On the opening day there are Cherokee stories and a Scots Australian ceilidh.
You will know that many of the traditions in all our countries come from the days when writing was only for the clergy or the rich. Traditions and history were handed down in the form of a story. A lot of Australian tradition is based on aboriginal tales as is Inuit tradition. Both are represented in this weeklong celebration that takes place throughout Scotland. For all the details go to
There are storytellers from The Caribbean, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada weaving tales for both children and adults during the week. Some of the great storytelling traditions came from Aran islands of the Irish coast and I’m surprised I couldn’t find any Irish storytellers,- after all they’re to be found in any Irish bar.

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