Timeshare Tops UK Holiday Complaints

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One body you may not have heard of is the European Consumer Centre. It’s a newish body set up to act for consumers throughout the European Union. Each country has a local office and the first full year results from the UK are available.

Given that you can complain about so much, banks or utility companies for examples, it comes as something of a surprise to find that of the 8000 complaints received from people living in Britain, 38% of them were about timeshare and holiday discount clubs. Most of the complaints covered Spain. For more years than I can remember there have complaints about sharp timeshare practices in either the mainland , the Canaries or the Balearics. As one practice gets stamped out, it seems another starts. Now the ECC is reporting that complaints about Malta and Cyprus are being received as well.

Usually the practice is to sign a contract as soon as there and then so as to get an extra discount or something or other. The answer is don’t sign anything without giving it serious thought.

A tip to send these people running is, when approached, to agree to go and see the presentation. Then mention that you’re the sales manager of Marriott Time Share (or any famous name) and is it OK to attend since you’re a competitor? The alternative is to say you work for the Information Commissioner in Wilmslow.

Whichever line you use is usually enough to end the conversation there and then.

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