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I have been a sceptic about reviews as readers will know. Their reliability, trustworthiness and volume all needs dissection before you start to believe some of them. Now two  travel research groups, PhoCusWright and Compete, have produced some research showing that the number of people visiting these sites is dropping. Between October 2008 and this month the number of people consulting sites like TripAdvisor and IgoUgo has dropped from 55% to 46%.

This is an American study so UK habits may not be the same. But where the US follows so go we,- eventually. Is it because the fad has peaked or is it that more people are sceptical? Who knows? But some sites are introducing new content so that might draw us back to them. The biggest, TripAdvisor still has a huge number of people visiting them, over 12 million a month.

 The love affair that the travel industry has with sites like this may continue or they may seek other ways to tell us of their products.

What’s your attitude to these sites?

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