Expanding on Trafalgar Square’s Public Art

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Yesterday was the last day of the three month project that saw the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square being used for public art. Since it started in July some 2,400 have stood, sat or lain on the plinth doing whatever they wished. We have had naked people, performance art and people holding placards.

Tens of thousands of people applied and tens of thousands must have visited the square deliberately to see it. They have been cameras there many days recording it for one media outlet or another. And on Wednesday there were even more.

Did you go and watch?

I went up on Tuesday and there were quite a few people but had they come deliberately? Some said they had heard of it, many were just passing through to see the famed square. So as a tourist attraction it had some effect. Will other cities copy the idea? I think it could be quite a draw to have regional versions. For example, York or Leeds could have people demonstrating what being from Yorkshire means to them and the same could apply to a venue in Scotland or Wales. Or anywhere for that matter. Take Kent. Does it mean apples and hops or closer ties with France? (Just how many French live in Ashford these days?

What parts of our countries mean to us could be a real opener. And a good use for public art.

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