Use the Toilets Before You Fly

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Yes, that is a suggestion being made by one airline. No, its not Ryanair who have closed down their on-board toilets to add another half dozen seats on the planes.( No Ryanair still has free toilets on their flights)

This comes from the Japanese All Nippon Airlines (ANA). In an interview with the US ABC News  ANA’s spokeswomen, Jean Saito, said that if a plane is lighter it will use less fuel. No arguing with that logic. (This is part of ANA’s month long “e-flight” programme designed to make passengers aware of the environment.) ABC then calculated that human bladder can hold up to 16 ounces before the need to visit a bathroom. On a 216 seat Boeing 767 the extra urine would weigh about 240 pounds (say about 98 kgs). Does this apply to their own staff? Assuming a third of their staff are involved in flying each day I calculate that at any one time, ANA are carrying over 2,118 kgs of staff urine or the equivalent weight of the luggage of 107 passengers!

Do airlines really believe in such daft logic?

If they were genuine in wanting to save weight they could replace all glass wine bottles on the duty free trolley and the food trays with plastic bottles. They could do away with duty free altogether and save more weight but stupid me, that makes money for them, so they’re not going to do that.  Or they could refuse to accept luggage weighing more than 20kgs and do away with excess baggage. But that makes money for them as well as they can charge extra for being overweight. The issue seems to be that airlines haven’t yet found a way for charging us for urine!

Airlines who rush to claim to being greener by silly comments like this will do no more than give stand-up comics more jokes. That probably doesn’t matter to them. After all it’s publicity and how many of you had heard of ANA before?

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