Remembering Errol Flynn

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Some older readers may remember the actor Errol Flynn. Born 100 years ago this year he died 50 years ago today.

So what you might say, there have been lots of actors, why remember Errol Flynn in particular?

In Hobart in Tasmania, there has been an Errol Flynn Centenary Committee who celebrated his birth on June 20th with 10 days of events. 29 different locations were found in Hobart that had links with the well known roisterer. Where his mother taught him to swim, there is now an Errol Flynn Reserve where you can exercise your dog. At 12 Aberdeen Street, the young Errol burnt down a pigeon shed killing many in the process. Even the hospital where he was born is on the list of places to go. You can’t say he had an uneventful life even as a youth. As kids all the boys wanted to be the Errol Flynn character in a swordfight.

Today, on his death there seems to be no mention on, or in the Hobart newspapers yet so much was made around his birth.

What it shows is that if you can find a link between a person, (even vaguely famous will do), destinations can, and do manage to attract the rest of us to visit. And sometimes an actor is a lot more interesting than a church or a stately home to some of us!

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