A Titanic Voyage Awaits

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There can’t be many people in the world who aren’t aware of the Titanic and its sinking after hitting an iceberg in April 1912. It seems that this story will live on for ever.

We have already heard that a £28 million museum containing over 4,000 bits of information and exhibits will be partly open in Southampton in time for the centenary anniversary in 2012 (providing another £10 million can be found.)

Even though the anniversary is two and a half years away, a holiday company is planning to retrace the journey leaving Southampton on the 8th April, the same day the Titanic left. And charging a fairly hefty price for the voyage. It will conduct a memorial service at the spot that the Titanic went down and then continue on to Nova Scotia where those rescued were taken.
Other voyages will probably be announced especially since this one has sold out signs on some decks.

There are walking tours in Cobh in Southern Ireland, there is the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum in Belfast as well as countless other exhibitions devoted to Titanic. Planning for the centenary goes back to at least 2007 in some case. There is even planned to be a hook-up between Madison Square Garden in New York, Wembley Stadium and the Odyssey Arena in Ireland.
Is this there appetite for this amount of interest? Well there may be because 11 million people have signed an online petition asking that the Titanic be protected. It seems that the old ship and it’s story will last for ever.

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